Bureau of gender strategy and budgeting (Gender Bureau)

Gender Bureau was established in September 2013 for implementation of gender-sensitive projects and initiatives.

The Bureau unites gender experts from all around Ukraine, who are working on publicity and analysis, development of gender-sensitive educational programs for economical, political and environmental issues. The organisation’s activities are targeting women leaders who support the ideas of gender equality , as well as decision makers among the state officials and local self-government, and media.

Mandate and/or mission statement of the organization explaining its purpose, goals and objectives:

Bureau functions as a women’s analytical center, which brings together researchers, experts and others practitioners and develops strategies to promote women’s empowerment and gender equality in a democratic environment. The main purpose of Bureau is to support gender mainstreaming, promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in Ukraine, as well as strengthen the expertise of gender experts.

The main objectives of the Bureau are:
  • Conduction information and analytical activities, development and implementation of educational programs in the field of economic, social, political and environmental issues in the context of gender perspective.
  • Promotion of integration of gender approaches into program and budget activities for central executive authorities and local self-government bodies.
  • Generalization of tools and methodology of gender analysis, monitoring, evaluation and its approbation thereby projects implementation.
  • Conduction of gender analysis, monitoring and evaluation of state, local and sectorial plans, programs and budgets.
  • Development of educational, methodological and informational materials.
  • Participation in expert and public council’s activities, permanent and temporal expert working groups.
  • Monitoring and analysis of international obligations of the state in the spheres of gender equality and human rights abidance.
  • Information and methodological support of activities for institutions working in the direction of gender equality.
  • Establishment partnerships with other national and international organizations, media, and authorities in order to promote gender equality.
  • Carry out systematic information and educational work and educational campaigns to exchange experiences and promote development of gender-based potential of society.